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林灝揚,出身於香港,現居於澳大利亞,從小受到音樂的熏陶。2010年他在他的facebook上發布了一張的自製專輯專輯My Heartbeat。


  英文名:Young Lam (Y.Lam)





  生日: 1989年3月14日

  生肖: 蛇

  星座: 雙魚座




  語言:英語, 廣東話, 國語

  高中:South Island School '07(南島中學)

  大學:Buckinghamshire New University '10(英國新白金漢大學)

  Australian Institute of Music'11(澳大利亞音樂學院)




  喜愛的歌手:R.Keely、Ne-Yo、Chris Brown、Usher、GEM、周杰倫、王力宏、陶喆



  最喜愛的格言: "Composing is all about making decisions, You have a hundred different ways to get there, but you have to choose one. With twelve notes of every possible octave on every instrument, all the chord combinations of every mode, and all the varieties of rhythm and tempo to choose from, there may be thousands of ways. But imagine if the composer's palette included every sound in the natural world: a slamming door, waves lapping, or feet padding across a floor?"

  - Sung-Kyu Kim

  "Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero, you need to have dreams."

  - Zack Fair (FF:VII)


  "Victory favours you, but you must grab hold of your destiny and command it."

  - Gaia (God of War II)

  "The measure of a man is what he does with power."

  - Plato

  "Who we are is but a stepping stone to what we can become..."

  - Deus Ex (Game)


  - Gem Tang

  Y Lam,中文名林灝揚,出身於香港,現住在澳大利亞,從小受到音樂的熏陶,有一個屬於自己Band,夢想是當個鋼琴家,很喜歡製作!平生第一次的製作就把Jay Chou的夜曲和2 Pac的Thugz Mansion混音在了一起!在英國學了2年的Music Management和Production,之後回了澳大利亞繼續學習Composition和Music Production。

  2010年發布的專輯My Heartbeat是他在他的facebook上發布的一張的自製專輯。包含了英文, 中文和粵語。其中包括3首未完成的demo帶。

1 林灝揚 -專輯



My HeartbeatMy Heartbeat
專輯名稱:My Heartbeat (2010)



  唱片標籤:Unsigned (JIY Entertinament)

  01. Ambition (Instrumental)

  02. Class of 2007

  03. Life, Love, and Faith (feat. Tonghill)

  04. Eric Rage (Skit)

  05. Faraway

  06. Laughing Compilation (Skit)

  07. Waking Up On A Good Day

  08. Echoes In My Head

  09. My Heartbeat

  10. Love Aviation

  11. Shine Tonight

  12. I Can』t Stop Thinkin of You

  13. Sang Yeon (Skit)

  14. Only If I Ever Had The Chance (Demo) (LIVE)

  15. To Gem

  16. Slow Dancing Under The Moonlight X My Heartbeat (Acoustic Live) (feat. Kenny)

  17. Set Them Free (Demo)

  18. Superstar Boy (Demo)

  19. You Are An Angel (Demo)


  01. AmbitionWritten for Joyce Hon's Fashion Show at Parsons, New York. A very powerful track full of ambition. Perfect for the first track of my debut album.

  02. Class of 2007Released in the year 2007. Written to my fellow Class of 2007 members. This song will remind us of the good days. 7Station, Barn2, Basketball. I still don't understand how I came up with sipping' apple juice, chillin in 7-11. somebody tell me loll

  03. Life, Love, and FaithAn instrumental and chorus written for my first collabo rapper Tonghill. He found me through myspace one day and asked whether it's cool to work together. OF COURSE! It's my honour to have you on My first Album and I look forward in more collabos with you. As the title says, 3 verses, Life, Love, and Faith.

  04. Eric Rage (Skit)Tribute to my good friend Dai Dan. For those that remember the night of the recording, It will always stay in my memory. funny ass shit.

  05. FarawayA song dedicated to those who are currently going through a long distance relationship. He/She might not be able to be there right next to you, but love has no boundaries. Keep each other by the heart and STAY STRONG!

  06. Laughing Compilation (Skit)Tribute to my J friends. Miss ya'll and all the good times. For those who are down, depressed, stressed etc. listen to this track and remind yourself how good it is to laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! LOL!

  07. Waking Up On A Good DayWell! this song is actually dedicated to MYSELF! hahahahha it used to be my alarm ringtone. Gotta remind myself of how beautiful this world is. if i spend most of my time in bed sleeping…i'd miss the chance in experiencing alotta awesome stuff. let's all wake up to a good day!!!

  08. Echoes In My HeadHave ya'll ever had the feeling when you think you've gotten over something, but it still haunts you every now and then?

  09. My HeartbeatOne of ma very first masterpieces since I moved to Australia. This song is about when shit happens in life, to yourself, friends, our loved ones, and sometimes you feel there's nothing you can do about it. This is to You-Know-Who-You-Are. GET OVER IT! LOL!

  10. Love AviationThis is dedicated to another You-Know-Who-You-Are. The song describes a situation when you've set a target or destination, you go for it and things just don't turn out the way you expected it to. Stuck in confusion and don't know where to go. If that's you, keep your head up because there's always a way out. I SALUTE YOU! *You-Know-Who-You-Are also tells me to write "to whore and whore lovers alike"

  11. Shine TonightDedicated to all those hardcore clubbers that pretty much live in front of the bar. Listen to the lyrics. Doesn't it sound like an awesome night?! hahahaha.

  12. I Can't Stop Thinkin of YouEchoes In My Head's sister song. My first ever song sung in mandarin. Was it actually a mistake? or was it just meant to be?

  13. Sang Yeon (Skit)Just got my new Blackberry Bold. Playing around with bbm and I receive this. LOL! Tribute to my korean brother.

  14. Only If I Ever Had The Chance (Demo)This song is dedicated to Gem Tang 鄧紫棋. I love her. 'nuff said.

  15. To Gem (Demo)One the oldest songs from my vault of songs. She is talented, a music phenomenon, fun, cheerful, hilarious, cute, pretty, beautiful…i can go for the whole day.

  16. Slow Dancing Under The Moonlight X My Heartbeat (Acoutic Live) (feat. Kenny)Props to Kenny Eu for his awesome guitar skills. Only if my guitar skills were as good as you i'd be ruling the world rite now. i know…practise makes perfect. Slow Dancing Under The Moonlight is a song I wrote to perform at my school's Composer's Showcase night. One of the few love songs that i've written compared to all the stupid sad songs i've composed. My Heartbeat Acoustic was just TOO fast. but HEY! who cares we were drunk. *note that i sang "I guess you'd A-BEE we're better off how we are now" lol

  17. Set Them Free (Demo) (Bonus Track)A song I wrote for the Unicef Young Envoys Performance back in 2006. Another old song from the YLAMPRODUCTIONS archives. Proper produced version released in the next few months. Stay Tuned.

  18. Superstar Boy (Demo) (Bonus Track)Recorded this through my laptop mic back in 2007. Before I said to myself…you are the worst rapper alive.

  19. You Are An Angel (Demo) (Bonus Track)Another laptop production from 2007. Cool Edit Pro 2.0/ Adobe Audition 3, the very first music production softwares i ever used. Playing around with the panning functions. Music production is awesome.

2 林灝揚 -雜誌

THE-1 Magazine


THE-1 MagazineTHE-1 Magazine
年輕有為 音樂才子 林灝揚


  聽說在VIRUS PARTY有一位年輕而又很帥的DJ,他正是這次我們要訪問的對象。小記眼前這個帶點混血兒感覺的年輕人,跟他打招呼。右手拿著一個銀色KEYBOARD,左手跟我握過手,靦腆地對我笑了一笑。估計他很熱愛音樂,正如所料,打碟當DJ只不過是他業餘時間的工作,他的生活從來都沒有離開過音樂,自小對音樂特別感興趣,會玩吉他,打鼓,吹小號,最擅長是彈鋼琴。他是個百分百的香港人,在澳洲讀了3年PRIMARY SCHOOL之後迴流香港進了INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,說得一口流利英語。中文程度會講也會寫。3年前去了英國深造音樂。後來發現課程未能學以致用。又再隻身飛到澳洲入讀Australian institute of Music報讀 Composition & Music Production,繼續學習寫歌,編寫和錄音,志願是完成學業后能成為一名聲,色,藝雙全的音樂人。




  YOUNG講述了當年FORM 5時一次現場現唱失敗的經歷,在台上自彈自唱時走了音。自此發奮圖強,希望自己日後的表演能每次都讓觀眾滿意。如果有著與YOUNG一樣的態度,在失敗中找到進步的空間,加倍努力,成功指日可待。現在還有一年半便完成學業的他,已經擁有很多自己的作品。在今年二月初出國一張音樂專輯(這張ALBUM是收錄了2005年至2010年初的創作DEMO)。不過每當他聽回之前的作品,總覺得有點生嫩的感覺,他說創作的靈感都來源於自己的一些經驗或感覺,也有些是由朋友的故事而編成的。他說現在寫歌玩樂器都是發自內心的興趣,在沒有壓力下之創作是很輕鬆的,所以他說日後也不會想當明星。太大的壓力可能讓他寫不出滿意的作品。小記覺得他的ALBUM能證明了他在音樂道路上的成長。印證著他創作技巧日趨成熟,希望他能繼續製作更多美好的音樂吧。



  一個月前,他其中一首原創音樂「ECHOES IN MY HEAD」被人盜用了再網路上廣泛流傳,那人更離譜地把自己的名字填上去,他懷著深深不忿的心情倒網上留言討回公道,說明自己才是這首歌的唱作人,讓那些喜歡他的音樂的人得知真相。就是一場小風波,讓他在個人網頁里的FANS人數多了3倍,從而給了他很大的鼓勵和支持,也因此認識到更多志同道合的朋友。小記看過他網頁里留言的FANS都說他的音樂很有個人風格,拍子加上優美旋律,一聽難忘!在新的一年,他自資出了一張個人專輯。由作曲,製作,編曲到歌詞及演唱都是他自己一手包辦,集合了12首個人作品。小記聽後果然名不虛傳。首推「MY HEARTBEAT」及「ECHOES IN MY HEAD」,如果某日YOUNG再推出音樂專輯在市面上發售,也許FANS的人數會升到10倍之多呢!據了解,YOUNG在短期內又會把新歌發表在他的個人網頁里。喜歡R&B音樂的朋友絕對不能錯過,可以到他的網頁SUBSCRIBE OR LIKE,取得更多最新歌曲信息。


  成長在音樂淵源家庭的YOUNG,不多不少因為媽媽是鋼琴老師的關係使他有著特別的音樂天賦。而且對音樂產生濃厚興趣。家庭成員的支持是功不可沒。無論是精神上和物質上,他知道在社會上不是每個人都有幸學習到自己有興趣的東西。在這個家庭裡面。【DADDY MUMMY都俾左我好大自由度曲選擇自己的路,DADDY從來都無開口說贊成或反對我去讀音樂,但他都會幫我交了所有學費,我估計他心底里是支持我的。而MUMMY的心愿是希望他的兒女都能找到一份好工,她便心滿意足了。一直以來都無機會多謝佢地。我心裏面真系好感激我的父母,我希望未來將會找到和音樂有關的工作,製作更多好音樂去會回報他們對我的。或者可以攬個音樂大獎,令佢地proud of me to be their son!】我相信林爸爸和林媽媽知道自己兒子的孝順,一定非常欣慰感動。


  音樂是一種魔力!音符不同的變化,會變出很好聽的旋律。吸引住很多人的靈魂。看見YOUNG對音樂熱誠的態度,又能在年輕的時候定下目標,真叫時下的年輕人學習。(小記也自愧不如!)以現在的音樂市場來看,要做一個成功的音樂唱作人的確不容易,香港樂壇都在賣商業歌曲,台灣樂壇有位天王級的周董,希望同樣喜歡周董的YOUNG,能夠在一個每樣東西都講求商業價值的社會裡,仍然保留自己的一點風格,在音樂市場上大放異彩。如果大家想支持YOUNG的表演,可以來臨每隔個星期四VIRUS PARTY @ CIVIC HOTEL,時間請留意宣傳海報。

3 林灝揚 -個人語錄

  「I loved, am loving and will love music forever.」

  「Just Watch Me…because I know I will make it.」

  「Y.Lam(Your Love And Music - 你的愛和音樂)」



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