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game比賽, 遊戲, 競賽, [復]運動會, 玩耍, 比分, 比賽規則, 策略




game勇敢的, 有膽量的, 關於野味的, 跛的

a game of chance賭博(靠運氣而不靠技巧的)遊戲
a game of skill靠技巧取勝的遊戲
badger game[美俚]美人計
be on one's game競技狀態好[不好, 不佳]
be off one's game競技狀態好[不好, 不佳]
cat-and-mouse game伺機而動的把戲(指談判時的討價還價)
die game死拼; 奮鬥到底; 至死不屈
fly at higher game胸懷大志; 野心勃勃
force the game(板球等中)冒險快速得分; 硬冒險
give the game away泄露秘密(計謀); 露出馬腳
have a game with sb.蒙蔽, 瞞騙某人
have the game in one's hands有把握獲勝; 穩操勝券
make game of嘲笑, 捉弄
None of your(little)games!別耍花招了!
play a dangerous game干冒險的玩意兒
play a deep game背地搗鬼, 秘密計劃, 指陰謀詭計
play a double game耍兩面派手法
play a good game賭法高明[笨拙]
play a poor game賭法高明[笨拙]
play a losing [winning] game作無[有]希望取勝的比賽; 作明知無益[有益]的事
play a waiting game伺機從事; 伺機下手
play games敷衍塞責
play sb.'s game無意中給別人佔了便宜, 無意中幫了某人的大忙
play the game of sb.無意中給別人佔了便宜, 無意中幫了某人的大忙
play the game(比賽、遊戲中)按規則做; 正直誠實, 光明正大
see through sb.'s game看穿某人的詭計
So that's your little game![口謔]原來這就是你的鬼花招!
speak in game開玩笑
spoil the game弄壞(事情)
The game is not worth the candle.得不償失。
The game is over .事情敗露; 一切都完了。
The game is up.事情敗露; 一切都完了。
That's a game two people can play.這一套你會我也會。
The same old game !又是那一套老玩意兒!
throw up the game罷手, 認輸
win a love game全勝(對方得零分)
game and game雙方各勝一局
game and glee遊戲玩樂, 娛樂消遣
game away賭輸掉
game, set, and match全面的勝利, 決定性的勝利(來自草地網球用語)
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